Most Airlines Are Opting For Leasing Aircraft Than Buying From the Manufacturer Based on the Following Fractional Ownership, Dry Lease or Wet Lease Whereby After a Certain Period of Time if the Bus

Most Airlines Are Opting For Leasing Aircraft Than Buying From the Manufacturer Based on the Following Fractional Ownership, Dry Lease or Wet Lease Whereby After a Certain Period of Time if the Bus

In the past few weeks, major international aircraft leasing companies have “come to the party” with major orders for Boeing’s Dream liner 787-9 and 787-10.In addition, an airline ordered the 787-8 and another came in with a launch order for Boeing’s new 777X forecast to enter service at the end of this decade.

Air Lease Corporation (ALC) set the ball rolling with an order for thirty B787-10s and three 787-9 Dream liners, collectively valued at a total of $ 9,4-billion at list prices, thus fulfilling a commitment originally announced during this year’s Paris Air Show.

This order for 787-9s and 787-10s adds to the more than 180 Boeing aircraft that ALC already has on order including Next-Generation 737-800s,737 MAX 8s and 9s ,777-300erS AND 787-9S.

Gecas Follows

Within a day of the ALC announcement, came the news that another major leasing company, GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS), the commercial aircraft leasing and financing arm of General Electric, had completed an order for 10 Boeing 787-10 Dream liners.

The order, valued at $ 2,9-billion at list prices, also completes the commitment originally announced during the 2013 Paris Air Show in June and builds momentum in the airplane leasing market for the 787-10.

These 787-10s bring the total number of aircraft GECAS has ordered from Boeing to 598 since 1995, including 737s, 747s, 757s, 767s, 777s and 787s.To date; GECAS has taken delivery of 451 Boeing aircraft.

Chinese Order

The airline order for the Dream liner ,this time for the already-in-service 787-8,came from Xiamen Airlines which finalizes an order for six 787 Dream liners originally announced by the airline in May 2011.The order is valued at $ 1,3-billion at list prices.

The airlines expanding international network currently focuses on south-east and -Asia.

With the introduction of the 787 Dream liners beginning in 2014, the airline plans to launch new long-haul routes from Fujian to Europe, North America and Australia.

Xiamen Airlines currently operates a fleet of 97 aircraft, including 17 B737-700s, 74 B737-800s and six B757-200s .The flight network is comprised of 218 domestic routes and 26 international and regional routes.

The airline will take delivery of its 100th Boeing aircraft this month.

Founded in 1984, Xiamen Airlines is headquartered in the coastal city of Xiamen in the province of Fujian. The area boasts a thriving and diverse industrial economy as well as a growing tourism market.

The Dream liners

The new 787-10, launched in June 2013, will extend and complement the Dream liner family, carrying 300 to 330 passengers up to 7000 nautical miles.

Boeing claims that the marquee will provide 25% more fuel efficiency than aircraft of its size today and more than 10% better than anything being offered by the competition for the future.

The Dream liner 787-9 completed its first flight in September and is scheduled for the first delivery in mid-2014.

The 787-10 will also feature the 787 family’s unique interior. The interior technologies are said to make the passenger experience more enjoyable, including large, dimmable windows; cleaner air; higher humidity ; lower cabin altitude; bigger stowage bins; soothing LED lighting and a smoother ride.

To date, the 787-10 has accumulated over 100 orders and commitments from customers worldwide.

Launch Order

Meanwhile, Lufthansa German Airlines has announced the selection of Boeings proposed 777-9X for its future long-haul fleet. The launch of the 777X family is targeted for later this year and entry into service is scheduled for around the end of the decade.

Advanced technology including a new composite wing, all-new engines and superior aerodynamics will result in the fuel efficiency promised by Boeing for the 777X family. The 777-9X ,with around 400 seats, will be the largest and most efficient twin-engine commercial jet in the world with the lowest operating cost per seat of any commercial airplane ,with no competitor in its market segment, the manufacturer claims.

“We are focused on developing and delivering a superior airplane that ensures the 777 remains the unequivocal long-haul leader,” said John Wojick, senior vice president of Global Sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes.”With its new engines and an all-new composite wing design, the 777X will be the largest and most-efficient twin-engine jet in the world.”

“Boeing and Lufthansa share more than 50 years of partnership and innovation and a tradition of launching new airplane models-starting with the original 737s and most recently, the 747-8 Intercontinental ,” said Nico Buchholz ,Lufthansa’s executive vice president and head of fleet.”Lufthansa is demonstrating its legacy of innovation and market leadership again with its selection of the 777X .We look forward to many years of partnership with Boeing, as we make air travel more efficient, comfortable and environmentally sustainable with airplanes such as the 777X.

Earlier this year, the Lufthansa Group ordered six 777-300ERs for the fleet of Swiss International Airlines. Boeing will deliver the first of Lufthansa Cargos five new 777 Freighters later this year.

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