How to prolong the life of your RC helicopter?

How to prolong the life of your RC helicopter?

A novice as well as a seasoned flyer is enthusiastic to fly an RC helicopter, and this popular pastime seems to be a rewarding experience for enthusiasts. Needless to say, the helicopter has to be in good condition for an ardent flyer to enjoy this flying experience. To keep the helicopter in good shape, an enthusiast has to roll out effective maintenance measures at regular intervals, which is also a surefire strategy to prolong the life of this RC vehicle. What are the components that deserve effective maintenance measures?

The canopy pertaining to the RC helicopter is a significant component that needs to be checked at regular intervals. By detaching the canopy, one has to look for cracks and defects to make sure that the canopy is in a good condition. This maintenance measure has to be performed at regular intervals, which primarily depends on the flying time of the helicopter. An enthusiast should check to know if the mounting holes have enlarged, and take corrective action to fix this problem.

Bearings found in the helicopter can get affected due to wear and tear, which is bound to happen with prolonged usage of the helicopter. The ardent flyer has to ensure that bearings are lubricated regularly, and get replaced when they become worn out after some time. Bearings maintenance measures depend on the model pertaining to the helicopter, and one should check the manual to adopt effective measures.

Landing gear
The landing gear pertaining to the RC helicopter should be checked regularly, as it can get stressed out or damaged and the bolts get loosened in the process. By ensuring that the bolts are tightened, at frequent intervals, the avid flyer can enhance the life of the landing gear and ensure safe landing of the helicopter at all times.

Tail boom
The ardent flyer should also look into the shaft or the belt, which depends on the helicopter, to know if there is visible wear and tear of the components. When the helicopter is stored for an extended period of time, the ardent flyer ought to release the drive tension pertaining to the shaft or belt.

Servo Tray
This is another component that deserves the attention of the avid flyer, as the enthusiast should check this component regularly to know if it is in good condition, and to ensure that it doesn’t carry cracks in the process. One should take steps to ensure that the servo tray gets tightened to the fuselage in a secure fashion.

The frame of the helicopter has to be checked at regular intervals, as one should ensure that the screws and bolts are right in place. Tightening the loose screws and bolts is an effort expended to keep the frame intact.

Fuel tank
While taking measures to check the fuel tank of the RC helicopter, an enthusiast has to make sure that the tank is dry by draining out the fuel. The RC pilot has to dismantle this assembly to ensure that the fuel lines are intact and secure, and to make sure that the clunk is ideally placed to swing freely.

As an effective maintenance measure for rechargeable batteries, it is deemed ideal as not to discharge the cells. During winter season, the batteries ought to be stored in a warm place, and normally, they should get stored with a 50% charge to enhance their performance. There are other components like the gear box, clevises and rubber grommets that deserve regular maintenance measures.

While the ardent flyer is eager to prolong the life of the helicopter, adopting effective maintenance measures tend to enhance the life of the RC helicopter.

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