Best Trading Platforms

Best Trading Platforms

When it comes to the best trading platforms out there are a lot of things to consider. Mostly you have to think about the kind of trading that you are going to be doing. There are going to be an array of platforms that one can use and master. While we specialize and focus on Futures it is important to realize that many of the trading platforms that we mention in the video are actually multi use.

This means that these trading platforms can be used to trade anything in the world. Whether you are considering managing your own roth ira or 401k or even starting to make some extra income. You can use any of these trading platforms to do both.

IN the video we talk about Tradestation, NinjaTrader, Multicharts, and also something especially concerning the traders in Canada. Your wonderful govt forces brokers to be dually registered so there may be platforms that you are not able to use since these companies refuse to become dually registered in the country and be regulated by the appropriate authorities.

I have used these day trading platforms the day trading software for the better part of my 14 year career in the industry. I also have used NinjaTrader since they have essentially started their day trading business. It is great to see a company grow so much from when they were just a small platform execution from.

Feel free to leave any comments about the best trading platforms video here on YouTube. We will be happy to get back to you as soon as we can. Keep in mind that there are other platforms that one can use in order to trade but these are considered the best in my opinion in order to trade Futures.

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    I asked about using other brokers with NT, and they said you still could. I use IB.

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    Did parts 5 & 6 of this series ever get made? They're not in the playlist and I can't find them in your videos.

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    how can i find The past 3 videos that you mentioned? is the 5th video already avaible?

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    Hi Marcello. What you think about thinkorswim platform

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    Completely off topic. Did your hair style naturally form this way or is this all pre meditated financial hair follicles? It's like you walked into a barber shop and said "Hurry up you prick, give me the wall street trim, I'm late for a business meeting." It's very financially stylish of you.

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    Oh wow!!!! I've been procrastinating on learning for a few years. I'm 27 now and a few times every year I got into the mindset but it all seems so overwhelming. This is the first time I looked into the software(s). I didn't know I could self-teach using history in a software. Definitely subscribing, thanks!

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    hello Marcello I was wondering if you had a program for people that want to learn to trade but don't have substantial capital to learn for what ever reason?

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    Great video!

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    14 years ago what where you like 12?

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    good to see part 4 can't wait for the coming up videos!

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    this video is very informative, thanks a lot, it answered some questions. 3 thumbs up

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    is there any difference on trading futures and trading stocks ?
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