B4 Aircraft Maintenance Stands

Several armed forces airplanes engineered in the 1950’s & 60’s continue to be used by the military in the present day. Impressive when you consider these types of aircraft had been manufactured with no computer systems and remain active as military inventory. The same can be said for the maintenance equipment that was built in the same year to repair and upkeep these aircraft. Among these repair workstands is the B4 Maintenance Stand.

The B-4 Repair Stand was initially given a National Stock Number for use by the Federal Logistics System on January 1, 1963. The airplane maintenance stand was engineered to be variable from 44″ to a 84″ landing height. The adjustability allows the stand to be utilized for many tasks in armed forces airplane maintenance.

Adjustable with a hydraulic pump, the B4 Aircraft Maintenance Stand does not require power to operate. 1730-00-294-8883 is the NSN assigned to B4 Maintenance Stands this national stock number replaced 2 NSN’s and they are: 1730-00-654-1585 & 1730-00-893-2556. 002948883 is the National Item Identification Number assigned to B-4 Stands.

There is Two vendor part numbers associated to NSN 1730-00-294-8883 and these include 54J6345 & 415175. 415175 is an obsolete MPN and 54J6345 is the primary MPN attached to the B-4 stands. MILM7404 is the military specification for B4’s relating to all design requirements.

An maintenance platform with flooring reinforced by scaffolding of steel, either mobile or fixed. For use in repairing, cleaning, installation and inspection of property, machinery and equipment above the general floor level. See also servicing platform, self-propelled and servicing platform, truck mounted.

The design and style of the work platform is a durable steel base with wheels. On top of this base is a hydraulic lift that can travel 40”. The handrails are detachable for easy mobility in and around airplanes and when in storage. The National Stock Number information has the B-4 Stand as utilizing metal mesh flooring but some vendors use serrated steps.